Some of my favorite photos from my favorite places:

Clockwise from upper left:  Makoto, Sheene, Balh-Shoy and Bam Bam at The CARE Foundation sanctuary in Apopka, Florida.  I learned so much doing Reiki with these guys and girls!

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida Keys.  Rescue and rehab of injured sea turtles.  A must visit if you are ever in Florida.

Hangin' with the horses at Pregnant Mare Rescue in Santa Cruz County, CA.  The horses really respond well to Reiki; they love it!  It is such a joy "playing" with them.

With my cousin Max at Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA, a sanctuary for farmed animals.  The cows and pigs loved Reiki.

My BFF Lola Bear, visiting Annabee's Doggie Boutique in Pacifica, CA.  

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