Are you looking for more peace, wellness and vitality for your animals?

I can help!

I am a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and I work with any and all animals.  Based on traditional Japanese meditation techniques, Reiki is a very gentle, yet very powerful, healing system that  promotes peace and relaxation for your animal companions - and facilitates healing on all levels.

Reiki can help your animal heal from illness, injury or surgery; can alleviate health or behavior issues; can calm fearful or stressed animals, and can create overall health and well-being for your animal family. 

I also offer consultations and information on other holistic healing modalities, such as flower essences and essential oils. 

My treatments will also help YOU cope with the stress of caring for an ill, injured or "out of sorts" pet.   I can help you bring more peace and balance back into your own life....and this will help your animal as well.

If you are struggling with your animal's health or behavior issues, or if you just want your pet to experience optimum health and vitality, please call or email me today for a free consultation.  Let's work together to create more peace, harmony and wellness for your animal family.

I also teach Reiki classes for those who would like to learn to practice this wonderful technique on animals and humans.  And I lead Healing Circles for Animals and the Planet - an ongoing monthly program where I teach different healing techniques that can be used to help animals and our planet on a global basis.  Contact me if you would like to learn more. 

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